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Moving From Wordpress To Jekyll

My personal website, this website, has been Wordpress based for many years. Back then, choosing Wordpress was a logical choice. My business built websites in Wordpress, I worked in it everyday.

And I still do, for personal projects and a few places where I volunteer as a webmaster (does that term still exist?).

But for this particular site, a feeling has been developing over the years that Wordpress wasn’t the greatest fit. This website has always been a playground. Articles about whatever I wanted to write about and technical tinkering with the guts of the site or the look and feel of it.

And more and more Wordpress felt as a mismatch for that. Mainly because I want to learn some new things. Pick up some new skills. Also because my WP install with many plugins started to feel a bit sluggish.

So I changed things around a bit. This site is now based on Jekyll. The very short process is described below.

Obsidian.md for writing > Build Site with Jekyll > Use GIT to push to my host

I will be using this space to document my coding journey. Stay tuned.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.
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